• MalpensaT1


06:00 am / 9:00 pm

450 sq.m.

80 seats

Boarding Area - Shengen - First Floor

Furnishings & Design

The Lounge is furnished with stylish Made in Italy designs.

Important Information

Timetables may vary due to flight operations.
The Monteverdi lounge will be equipped with:
- dividers and information to ensure social distancing;
- staff responsible for ensuring that the necessary distancing is observed;
- catering with fresh products packaged in single portions.
Some of the lounge services - the ones with an asterisk next to * - will not be completely available or may be precluded.


Dedicated staff

Qualified staff are on hand to help guests at all times.


The space hosts exhibitions of important contemporary artists.

Food & Beverage

In the Lounge you can find an excellent buffet which includes:
  • Hot and cold drinks 
  • Soft drinks 
  • Alcohol 
  • A selection of fresh products packaged in single portions

Information & Entertainment

Amenities include:
  • Real-time flight information
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • National and international newspapers and magazines available on our digital newsstand
  • TV

Baggage Area

Showers - Toilets*

Elegant showers. We offer, on request, wash kit including of shampoo, conditioner, lotion and towels.